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About the Lab

Established in 2017, the Basic Income Lab:

  • Provides an academic home for the research and the study of the development and impact of UBI
  • Convenes scholars, policymakers, business leaders, think tanks, nonprofits, and foundations around the politics and economics of UBI
  • Informs policymakers and practitioners about latest best practices

More About Us

What is Basic Income?

Adapted from Basic Income Earth Network (BIEN)...

  • Periodic: It is paid at regular intervals (for example every month), not as a one-off grant.
  • Cash payment: It is paid in an appropriate medium of exchange, allowing those who receive it to decide what they spend it on. It is not, therefore, paid either in kind (such as food or services) or in vouchers dedicated to a specific use.
  • Individual: It is paid on an individual basis—and not, for instance, to households.
  • Universal: It is paid to all, without means test.
  • Unconditional: It is paid without a requirement to work or to demonstrate willingness-to-work.

Recent News

Postdoctoral Research Fellow Opportunity: For the 2019-2020 academic year, the Stanford Basic Income Lab is seeking to appoint a postdoctoral research fellow. Click here to learn more about this opportunity. 

UBI in Cities Toolkit: In early November 2018, the Basic Income Lab launched a toolkit, “Basic Income In Cities: A Guide to City Experiments and Pilot Projects” at the National League of Cities city summit. The toolkit serves as a policy guide for city leaders interested in piloting UBI.