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Thursday, July 15, 2021

Stanford scholar’s new book examines how to build social justice across age groups

Juliana Bidadanure witnessed many social injustices growing up during the 1980s in Paris’s low-income suburbs, known as “banlieues.” The youth in her community were denied essential resources and were unfairly portrayed in the media as lazy and feckless. Bidadanure, now an assistant professor of philosophy in Stanford University’s School of Humanities and Sciences, has come to understand the inequalities she experienced were about race, gender, class and, concurrently, age

In her new book Justice Across Ages: Treating Young and Old as Equals (University of Oxford Press, 2021), Bidadanure argues that there are important consequences to ageism, whether it’s projected on the old or the young. The book describes how age inequalities contribute to social injustices. Read more here