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UBI Cities Toolkit

Basic Income Toolkit

Launched in early November 2018 at the National League of Cities annual meeting, the toolkit, Basic Income In Cities: A Guide to City Experiments and Pilot Projects, highlights emerging practices and shares insights on the process of designing UBI experiments in ways that are ethical, rigorous, informative and consequential for local and national policymaking.


Recommendations include:

  • Ensuring the pilot’s goals are aligned with the cities goals and capacity; 
  • Clearly defining essential stakeholders and the roles they play in the design, implementation, analysis of the pilot; and, 
  • Identifying key design elements of the UBI pilot (who benefits, the size of the benefit, the frequency of benefit delivery, the pilot duration.

The toolkit is in part the outcome of a UBI cities workshop convened by the Basic Income Lab in partnership with the National League of Cities  (NLC) and the Economic Security Project in September 2017. Researchers and key stakeholders from the Stockton Economic Empowerment Demonstration, the Y Combinator’s Basic Income Project, the Universal Income Project and the Jain Family Institute also made valuable contributions.

Current U.S. Basic Income Pilots

As part of the development of the Toolkit, the Basic Income Lab created a list of current North American Basic Income pilots. This document will be updated periodically to reflect the different experiments.

Current Basic Income Pilots in North America