Research Conducted by the Stanford Basic Income Lab

Visualizing UBI Research

Despite the growing UBI research effort over the past 30 years, there does not exist an online tool that conveniently brings together the existing research in one place. The Basic Income Lab is working to develop the first such visualization, thus promoting more methodical progress in the academic field of UBI, and building a rigorous platform for the benefit of future basic-income experimenters, researchers, students, and policy-makers.

The online platform will provide pertinent summaries of articles, research papers, books produced on UBI to date, highlighting important findings from each and ensuring that core areas such as health, crime, race, stigma, childhood poverty and gender equity are covered.

In Summer 2020, we will unveil the finished platform at a large-scale event. Stay tuned for more updates on our progress!

Coming Summer 2020

Currently in development, this interactive network visualization will serve as the first-ever online platform for exploring existing research on Basic Income.

Want to learn more about UBI experiments?

The Basic Income Lab has created a global map of basic income experiments.