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Graduate Fellowships

With our growing reserach agenda and our committment to the mapping of all past and current basic income literature and experiments, the Basic Income Lab frequently has opportunities for Stanford Graduate Students. Current opportunities are listed below:

  • Graduate Student(s) for Empirical Reserach (at the moment, this position has been filled)

Overview: The Stanford Basic Income Lab is seeking to recruit up to two graduate students to assist with an extensive review and mapping of research on Universal Basic Income (UBI). The ideal candidate will be trained in Politics, Sociology, Public Policy, or Economics (and related fields) and have a strong interest in learning more about UBI.

To be considered, please send your CV and a short cover letter to Sarah Berger Gonzalez, Program Manager of the Stanford Basic Income Lab, at 

The research project, described below, is already underway but will be ongoing as new literature results from current experiments become available. This research position  will likely span three to four quarters depending on how many weekly hours the graduate student is able to devote to the project. The Lab will prioritize applicants that can dedicate at least five  hours per week to this project, and that are interested in working with BIL for at least three quarters.

About our mapping of UBI project: Over the last decade, research on UBI has grown exponentially. There is also a large quantity of research and data not directly focused on basic income, but on similar initiatives that can help respond to many of the questions UBI scholars are interested in answering. Up until now, an online tool that conveniently brings together the existing research in one place does not exist.

The Stanford Basic Income Lab is working to provide the first extensive visualization of UBI research – literature, findings and gaps - to enable the field to progress more methodically and help new experimenters contribute effectively to the broader research agenda. This visualization will include mentions of key articles, books and reports produced about UBI (or relevant to UBI) to date, highlighting the central findings for each of them, making sure we cover the key themes linked to UBI (health, crime, stigma, wellbeing, equality, and freedom, among others) The platform will also locate ongoing experiments, determine which questions they seek to answer, and identify what is left unanswered and requires more data.

Job Description: BIL is seeking to hire up to two graduate students to review the empirical literature on Universal Basic Income under the supervision of Faculty Director Juliana Bidadanure and with the support of the Program Manager, Sarah Berger Gonzalez. The job entails extensive readings on both the theory and data of basic income. The student will be responsible for email exchanges with leading basic income researchers and experimenters throughout the world to ensure the research platform is comprehensive and accurate.

This graduate student would join two other graduate students who have  been actively working on the theory and philosophy of universal basic income. While this position is largely independent, graduate students will hold regular meetings with the Faculty Director and Basic Income Lab Program Manager to coordinate findings and jointly make progress on how to visually present the information. As a graduate fellow, you will also have the opportunity to be involved in the various activities of the lab, including quarterly public events and dinners with speakers.